Saturday, March 27, 2010

I think it’s not me !!

Although the name is mine & so are the deeds,

Somewhat difficult it is to explain but I feel it’s not me.

I don’t deny my feelings, I don’t deny my sense,

I don’t deny my surroundings, I don’t deny my existence.

Whatever must be said has been said

Whatever must be done has been done.

Only if I could say a little more

And something more could have been done .

These may sound like a regret

These may sound like a sorrow

But these words don’t capture the gist

May be some new words I need to borrow

Life is defined by the choices we make

We become what we think

With so much in our own hands

We still end up wondering

This is not what I asked for

This is not what I meant

Even though conscious of my every doing

I feel however, it isn’t me.

I will suffer silently ...

I will suffer silently, won’t utter a word

Not a cry of anguish nor a shriek of pain

Not even a hint of sigh

Words are not needed & may not be enough

What’s the point of articulating something so personal?

Won’t it be degrading? An attempt to express

Something that I have felt & You should have sensed

It was already there in front of us

Probably U were unable to see it or maybe u ignored

Either way it’s too bad & I don’t want to make it worse

Hence, I’ll suffer silently & won’t utter a word.

They say eyes tell more than words

If u think so, come and gaze at me

Only if u had the courage to look & intimacy to understand

You would be more human & I be satisfied

But since this is not the case at all

Hence, I’ll suffer silently & won’t utter a word.

I am angry at you for breaking A promise you never made !

I am angry at you for breaking

A promise you never made !

Seems irrational, but it is true

How do I justify it, I don’t have a clue

Foolish it was to claim something

That never was mine

Neither it was meant to be

That too I realize

But try telling that to the poor fellow

Who still jumps at your thought

Who keeps on pumping blood in my vein

Believing hope is not all lost !

The chap is furious at me for

Unwilling adieu I bade.

Like I am angry at you for denying

Some words you never said.

Even though I feel wronged

You were always right.

Even though I felt lonely

You were never out of sight.

Even though when you asked for help

And I denied outright

Nonetheless when I was in need

Unasked help arrived.

A time came soon, when I was shaken

& Waiting to be held tight.

You just stood there looking at me

And gradually went out of sight.

Coming to believe that you are always there for me

Without my asking for the same

Made me vulnerable to unexpressed expectations

No one is really to blame.

There never were explicit agreements

Between hearts – they said

But, I am angry at you for breaking

A promise you never made.