Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Those sixty hours.......

In those sixty hours, I found hope again

I loved, I lived and I felt humane

Breaths were not complaining any more

Heart was elated right to the core

Pleasant seemed each sight

Unmatched was my delight

A hint of anticipation on my face

Where smile has left a slight trace

In those sixty hours, we were together

I loved, I lived and I felt better

Holding hands and sitting close

Heart was getting its ample dose

Your lips brushed on the back of my palm

Everything for a moment became so calm

I could hear my own heart pounding

Oblivious of its entire surrounding

In those sixty hours, love was redeemed

Happy I was and my face beamed

I relish your laughter I relish your embrace

I will always remember the lovely smile on your face

We wanted to talk, but initially could not

Time was very less and to say there was lot

Without saying anything you held me so tight

And suddenly everything seemed very much all right

In those sixty hours, dawned a new phase

Captive for so long, the bird was out of cage

It flew to new heights and explored new realms

Reality was slowly converging with dreams

Some complaints and conflicts were also in queue

With so much delight, now some tears were due

You came in those sixty hours and also were gone

But left me enough memories to cherish alone

After those sixty hours when I am not with you

I dream I remember and dear! I miss you

Having known for long the pain of separation

Not letting you go was a strong temptation

But the undeserved and undying faith that you have on me

Prevents me every time from being what seemed my destiny

So I will never stop you when you don’t want to stay

You love me and I love you, that is enough anyway.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Only in my dreams!!!!!

Laughing they were, happier than ever

With firm resolve to be always together

Holding hands & facing the world

Dared to venture far beyond

Anyone had tried to ever

But, Only in my dreams!!!

Each willing to die for other

And if required, to kill too

The thought never crossed their mind

“ I have to live without you”

Everything – each was to other

But, Only in my dreams!!!

Come what may I am with you

Everything can be false, our love is true

The world might change, never will you

You’ll not let me, that too is sure

I know our love is there to endure

But, Only in my dreams!!!!

Now the reality

They say in this world,

There is always a choice

Between the right & the easy

We chose what was not right

And so far it hasn’t been easy

I had my aspirations & so did you

Only both were not same

I had my limitations & so did you

Which we feared to overcome

I was very close & so were you

But one step lesser was our maximum

So, the love was lost & aspirations gone

The dream has turned to ruins

& in that ruins again looking for hope

Seems a distant dream!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Boy

The harder he tries, the worse it becomes

Such is the fate of an anxious boy

He tries to deliver the best as per his capacity

But the world has set its benchmark high

Undeterred though, he pleads to the world

You set the standards & I will try to match

The boy doesn’t realize that the world is not fair

Its parameters are not uniform & clear

They try to judge on the face value here

Oblivious of the part that hides in the inner

When the surface becomes valuable than the core

Boy is puzzled and remains unsure

When one is not sure, there is no direction

The lack of direction is the way to frustration

That frustration kills the drive within

The lack of drive is bad for ambition

Blinded by the fog of worldly wrongs

Boy is unable to see his own reflection

True to his core, honest to his soul

Boy is not aware of his intact whole

The integrity lightens his face

& Innocence gives him a grace

This defeat of victorious wrong to a loser right

Gives the world a chance to reflect

Unable now to realize though

But someday sure, there will be a ray

That will clear the fog and unveil the way

Burdened by the cognizance, to their dismay

The world that day will yell outright

Boy! You have set the standards & we will try to match.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Can I stop loving u dear !!!!

How can I stop loving you dear !!!

Darling you are very dear

Even after so many years

When many things have faded away

But you are still visible and clear

More ever I have never felt like it

And my heart can always find you near

So how can I stop loving you dear ?

Things do happen – good or bad

Got to accept it – never have a choice

Only problem my dear! Is that

Good seems too short to relish

& Bad too long to bear

& Harsher still to bear alone

will go on facing many such “Bads”

Without any complaint or fear

But I will never stop loving you dear

Two souls meet and unite

And life changes fore ever

Whenever a life brushes with another

Both can never be same ever

What happened to us was that

When we met first, we didn’t realize

When we realized, we couldn’t unite

When we could, you didn’t

Likewise it never did materialize

If only timing was wrong

It will be right some year

Till then I can wait without

Having to stop loving you dear.

Life can be cruel

many times it has shown

But you could be

I have never known

The shock was great and pain too much

Too much to define

But doctors have to inflict pain

In order to heal

Seems what you did might

Be the best way to deal

I realize now that during all this

When I was worse

you were no better

So how can I stop loving you dear ?