Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Boy

The harder he tries, the worse it becomes

Such is the fate of an anxious boy

He tries to deliver the best as per his capacity

But the world has set its benchmark high

Undeterred though, he pleads to the world

You set the standards & I will try to match

The boy doesn’t realize that the world is not fair

Its parameters are not uniform & clear

They try to judge on the face value here

Oblivious of the part that hides in the inner

When the surface becomes valuable than the core

Boy is puzzled and remains unsure

When one is not sure, there is no direction

The lack of direction is the way to frustration

That frustration kills the drive within

The lack of drive is bad for ambition

Blinded by the fog of worldly wrongs

Boy is unable to see his own reflection

True to his core, honest to his soul

Boy is not aware of his intact whole

The integrity lightens his face

& Innocence gives him a grace

This defeat of victorious wrong to a loser right

Gives the world a chance to reflect

Unable now to realize though

But someday sure, there will be a ray

That will clear the fog and unveil the way

Burdened by the cognizance, to their dismay

The world that day will yell outright

Boy! You have set the standards & we will try to match.

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