Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summers in 2010

First year over, three terms gone

Summers time suddenly has come

Two months of real life exposure

Far away from the academic torture

Relief from the campus in wild

Lots of fun & workload mild

Three things to look for in a company

Brand, Profile & Stipend

My company did not have any

& My sorrow knew no end

The game is over, my chance gone

Sulking there I was all alone

Why me & always me – cursing the fate

Trying to act normal I entered the gate

The office & residence at the same place!

It was really hard to keep a straight face

No AC, no coolers, only ceiling fan!

Trust me I was trying as hard as I can

Introduction, pleasantries & some gyan

First day was for just discussions of plan

I also got title for my so-called project

Took it silently, while my heart did object

In the name of marketing, I was making cold calls

So much for learning & claims such tall

Within a week, the whole thing was clear

If you wanna survive, then learn to bear

Life is full of things – good and bad

No point in sulking & feeling sad

Things will change for you some day

When for you everything will make the way

Then I decided to just chill & relax

Not always one can afford to be lax

Enjoy the freedom & explore new place

After this leisure, life is going to be a race

If you look for some positives, the same you will find

To learn anywhere is sign of a keen mind

Then I decided to count my other gains

Ignoring for a while all professional pains

Here I have made some friends new

Such a gem as heart I have seen few

So much enriching was the personal experience

Professional sorrows stopped making any sense

I want to thank everyone & with Prakash I start

Naïve & sweet usually but sometimes a little tart

Deepak my roommate loves by heart music & dance

Carefree attitude always & songs put him into a trance

A wonderful person like Deepthi is really hard to find

Very caring & co-operative, sting operation in her mind

Richa was the first face I saw and a pretty one no doubt

Mostly happy but a little anxious & ready to help you out

Sanjeevani is the “chutki” with innocent and smiling face

Always laughing & looking forward, bearing troubles with grace

The workaholic enigma- Kanchan is an observer silent & keen

Bottled up is a lot inside, nicely hides what she has been

The bride to be & my full time adversary- its Shruti

Who taught me sign language for Thumbs Up & Frooti

Memories we have a lot to treasure and to cherish

Kritarth, Minj, Pradeep Sir & the new groom Manish

Everyone else in the office who are senior & mature

Pardon me since I was unable to know you more

The chat over coffee with Amit Sir and lake as a view

Some insights into life & sharing experiences old & new

The lectures of senior Raje and the words of Mr. kulkarni

Personality of such types, you won’t find many

Patil madam – a contented mother & very proud

Apte Sir is always working – I can cry out loud

So much to experience & still more to feel

Fulfilled I was from head to heel

Nothing matters a lot in the long run

So stop worrying and just have fun

If the aim you have is visible and clear

Then you will anyways reach it dear.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Next time ?

This time, if not possible

Next time, is there a chance?

Paired with others now though

Together someday shall we dance?

Barriers between us - so many

Family, society, culture & custom

Always thought these won’t matter

However, those we couldn’t overcome

Whether the barriers will vanish

Or multiply many times - I can’t say

Situation favourable or not

Next time I’ll be with you anyway

This time, you are boarding a train

& I came to wish you goodbye

Traveling you are all alone

Destiny is calling & you’ve got to try

Next time, when I come to station

I hope to be at the point it ends

Where you finish your solo travel

And our journey together begins

These are only my thoughts & wish

I haven’t asked what you desire

Arrogance is it, wishing for both of us

Or just desperation to acquire

To acquire an elusive treasure

Which I kept on searching all alone

Or is it actually a deep-rooted fear

Of next time also finding you gone

Foolishly optimist humans are

But that only helps them to bear

The worst nightmares coming true

And the loss of things so dear

When unbearable becomes the pain

All effort to mend it goes in vain

Then we console our innocent heart

Next time things will be right again

I do wonder sometimes whether

Is there a thing such as “next time”?

All the foolish hopes of happy days

Are they even worth a single dime?

I don’t believe there is a next time

What we have got is “now”

The present is our only chance

Try to make most of it somehow

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thoughts of a patriot

When the wheel of fortune will turn

And the testing time arrive

Destiny will offer the chance

Where only the best can survive

By the strength of their will

& Undying trust on their path

Will I have courage that day?

To plunge into the blood bath

The day my country will call

When sovereignty is at stake

To restore the peace and order

Sacrifice each of us has to make

Soldiers will fight the enemy outside

Visible, deadly and without a face

But families will fight the heart within

To let beloved be lost without a trace

My mother might not let me go

& Sister may try to block the way

My love will remind me the vows

Of being together night and day

Brother will just hug me tight

& Papa will give a silent tearful stare

Without any voice, a deafening plea

But chance to serve motherland is rare.

Don’t doubt their intentions motherland!

For they love me too much

Given a chance they too, will die for you

Without giving any thought as such

Who taught to me to love you above all?

If it were not my mom and dad

Proud they feel for their patriotic blood

Only a thought of loss makes them sad

Even if I decide otherwise

Hardly anything is to gain

Only loss is what I can see

All my treasures lost in vain

My love will see - a coward

& So will family and friends

A traitor- they will say among us

Deeper can be no shame

Could I won heart of the maiden

If not for my loyalty and valour

Can anyone ever feel for a coward?

Unfathomed love with so much fervour

& The reason my siblings look up to me is

My courage, my loyalty & my integrity

So I forsake ordinary life of comfort

And chose martyr’s glory for eternity

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My words my vow...

My words -my vow, my life is so

Try as much you wish but

You can’t let it go

In the end what matters

Is not who got what

Nor feelings of mine

That I had long ago,

What matters really is

You felt them also

My words -my vow…..

I tried - I failed, in my first hello!

Rehearsed a lot in mind

But outcome – zero

So close she was, my lips quivered

Staring at her, my thoughts flickered

A twitch in my heart when

She held my gaze

Briefly & then turned & went away

Leaving a trail that forever

I was to follow

My words -my vow……

I sang – they laughed, in my first solo

Anticipated an applause but

Pride - I had to swallow

So funny could be - a sincere effort

A boy of nine could never ever know

No feedback no words

Only sound of chuckles

Laughter could hurt so deep, so bad

From that day onwards, I do know

My words -my vow……

I laughed - I played, and fought with pillow

Family n friends always for me

Moment of joy be it or a period of sorrow

They stood by me throughout the journey so long

But somewhere in between I missed the song

Angered I was when could not see them

But blinded I was & thought they were to blame

Now I see and realize what course life went

Repetition of that I will never allow

My words -my vow……

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

O life...

O life! For once talk to me

I am looking for some answers

Members of my family, hordes of my friends

Revered my teachers – so quite & solemn

I tried to ask everyone

What makes us what we are?

Everyone said something

But nobody was very clear

Whatever little they uttered

Hardly made any sense

It lacked precision and clarity

And it lacked coherence

My friends said “Are you mad?”

Right now all such thoughts are bad

This is the time to enjoy, chill and relax

Very soon you will be worrying

About job, bills, rent, loans & tax

This is the time to worry about your looks

Work out for your muscles

& Take leave of your books

Watch movies, play poker & hunt for a date

Such philosophy is not good for you mate!

Ephemeral is youth & too short is life

Take all the bites and relish

While you still have an appetite.

My family did not allow at all

Any such frivolous discussion

Study & career they said

Must be your only mission

Take care of your grades

& Read all the books on the shelf

Get through a good college &

Life will take care of itself

You need to be responsible

Every eye is on you

Competition out there is immense

& Opportunities too few

Kill your desires forget all dreams

Suppress your heart

As much though it screams

Obey us until we are paying your bills

Once you become self-reliant

You will be free & interference will be nil

My teachers were never open to such discussion

Unquestioned obedience they wanted

& Did not appreciate any deviation

Discuss we can only if it is in the syllabus

Anything out of that they said

Hardly serves any purpose

Classroom hours are so less

& Curriculum so vast

Hardly we can do justice

When we have to teach that fast

And if that was not enough

Fate sent us a student like you

Not satisfied by syllabus & asking

Things such radical and new

The things you want to know

Are beyond the scope of class

Don’t dwell on these thoughts too much

My dear! You also need to pass

Every one told me whatever they felt

Answers to my question though, I did never get

I followed what they told me

And I did what they asked

The question somehow lingered

Somewhere deep inside

The target that was set for me

Is now acquired and achieved

My family friends & teachers

Are now very much relieved

But the quest to search deep never died

I wonder how long the answers could hide

So life! I ask you to come and reply

Fulfill my quest that others could not satisfy

What makes me what I am?

I need this to know

However “hard to get” you my play

I will never let it go.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Its your birthday…….

I am used to waking up & seeing you everyday

Suddenly I realize my dear! It’s your birthday

Happy I am though, for this special occasion

In my heart I can sense some specs of hesitation

I don’t have words to mark another year’s demise

& I don’t have a gift to take you by surprise

Boxes of chocolates - sweet like you

Pieces of jewelry – just as beautiful

A long silk gown as worn by angels

For your tender wrists a bunch of bangles

A cruise in Mediterranean – with just you around

A leisurely day on beach, we lying idle on ground

A nice sumptuous dinner followed by a ball

You dancing with me despite being coveted by all

Or just staying indoors and me cooking a special supper

Eating in moonlight & watching a romantic flick together

Or may be just a kiss, followed by another and another…

Each getting more passionate, sweeter and more tender

I am not asking you to choose among these

You can have it all and many more if you please

I want to give you all and someday I will for sure

For a lot of my deficiencies, time only is a cure

So bear with my inability, if you can, for today

Soon I promise to put all our hardships away

Big words & no deeds you may think as of now

But believe me someday you will just say “Wow!”

The day is very special and my dear! so are you

Puzzled! how to celebrate now – options I‘ve few

Undecided and confused so far and away

For the time being only this much I will say

Many many happy returns of the day!