Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Its your birthday…….

I am used to waking up & seeing you everyday

Suddenly I realize my dear! It’s your birthday

Happy I am though, for this special occasion

In my heart I can sense some specs of hesitation

I don’t have words to mark another year’s demise

& I don’t have a gift to take you by surprise

Boxes of chocolates - sweet like you

Pieces of jewelry – just as beautiful

A long silk gown as worn by angels

For your tender wrists a bunch of bangles

A cruise in Mediterranean – with just you around

A leisurely day on beach, we lying idle on ground

A nice sumptuous dinner followed by a ball

You dancing with me despite being coveted by all

Or just staying indoors and me cooking a special supper

Eating in moonlight & watching a romantic flick together

Or may be just a kiss, followed by another and another…

Each getting more passionate, sweeter and more tender

I am not asking you to choose among these

You can have it all and many more if you please

I want to give you all and someday I will for sure

For a lot of my deficiencies, time only is a cure

So bear with my inability, if you can, for today

Soon I promise to put all our hardships away

Big words & no deeds you may think as of now

But believe me someday you will just say “Wow!”

The day is very special and my dear! so are you

Puzzled! how to celebrate now – options I‘ve few

Undecided and confused so far and away

For the time being only this much I will say

Many many happy returns of the day!

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