Wednesday, June 9, 2010


“I hope you won’t change”, you said that day

“I know you won’t”, I thought looking away

Feelings must stay the same, we can only hope

For no one can control it or bind it with a rope

Was it planned my dear! That you grew fond of me

Did you order your heart to start beating just for me?

Beyond the scope of mind are the ways of the heart

It happens when it has to, no matter how much you were alert

Two hearts meet & spark erupts, even before they realize

Some sustain for a lifetime, while some see early demise

Some hearts remain unquenched, as the spark was one-sided

They wait & they hope, someday it may be reciprocated

That was also a change, which brought us together

The change we are thankful for & cherish forever

Why to be afraid then, that it might become worse

If we are accepting the favourable then why deny adverse

Never planned to fall in love, but eventually I failed

I tried to resist it all, but dictates of heart prevailed

The day might come again, when the heart will dictate

Equally helpless I will be then, seeing you suffocate

Even though you are afraid that the feelings might change?

It is difficult to assure you since our hearts are strange

I can’t guarantee anything, only this much I will say

Your well-wisher forever, whether near you or away.

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