Saturday, March 27, 2010

I will suffer silently ...

I will suffer silently, won’t utter a word

Not a cry of anguish nor a shriek of pain

Not even a hint of sigh

Words are not needed & may not be enough

What’s the point of articulating something so personal?

Won’t it be degrading? An attempt to express

Something that I have felt & You should have sensed

It was already there in front of us

Probably U were unable to see it or maybe u ignored

Either way it’s too bad & I don’t want to make it worse

Hence, I’ll suffer silently & won’t utter a word.

They say eyes tell more than words

If u think so, come and gaze at me

Only if u had the courage to look & intimacy to understand

You would be more human & I be satisfied

But since this is not the case at all

Hence, I’ll suffer silently & won’t utter a word.


  1. a Real Classic piece of writing...........

    without uttering those words, P. you really make me speechless..

    sometimes silence is deafening and today i m seeing this power in ur writing.

    keep writing..and i love to read them ..

    god bless you!!1

  2. Only few have the ability to express deep feelings with sensibility!