Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Can I stop loving u dear !!!!

How can I stop loving you dear !!!

Darling you are very dear

Even after so many years

When many things have faded away

But you are still visible and clear

More ever I have never felt like it

And my heart can always find you near

So how can I stop loving you dear ?

Things do happen – good or bad

Got to accept it – never have a choice

Only problem my dear! Is that

Good seems too short to relish

& Bad too long to bear

& Harsher still to bear alone

will go on facing many such “Bads”

Without any complaint or fear

But I will never stop loving you dear

Two souls meet and unite

And life changes fore ever

Whenever a life brushes with another

Both can never be same ever

What happened to us was that

When we met first, we didn’t realize

When we realized, we couldn’t unite

When we could, you didn’t

Likewise it never did materialize

If only timing was wrong

It will be right some year

Till then I can wait without

Having to stop loving you dear.

Life can be cruel

many times it has shown

But you could be

I have never known

The shock was great and pain too much

Too much to define

But doctors have to inflict pain

In order to heal

Seems what you did might

Be the best way to deal

I realize now that during all this

When I was worse

you were no better

So how can I stop loving you dear ?

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  1. love it... u r going in right direction.... keep them coming out from you..... :)

    so, keep smiling...& u r great!!