Monday, April 26, 2010

Only in my dreams!!!!!

Laughing they were, happier than ever

With firm resolve to be always together

Holding hands & facing the world

Dared to venture far beyond

Anyone had tried to ever

But, Only in my dreams!!!

Each willing to die for other

And if required, to kill too

The thought never crossed their mind

“ I have to live without you”

Everything – each was to other

But, Only in my dreams!!!

Come what may I am with you

Everything can be false, our love is true

The world might change, never will you

You’ll not let me, that too is sure

I know our love is there to endure

But, Only in my dreams!!!!

Now the reality

They say in this world,

There is always a choice

Between the right & the easy

We chose what was not right

And so far it hasn’t been easy

I had my aspirations & so did you

Only both were not same

I had my limitations & so did you

Which we feared to overcome

I was very close & so were you

But one step lesser was our maximum

So, the love was lost & aspirations gone

The dream has turned to ruins

& in that ruins again looking for hope

Seems a distant dream!!!

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