Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Those sixty hours.......

In those sixty hours, I found hope again

I loved, I lived and I felt humane

Breaths were not complaining any more

Heart was elated right to the core

Pleasant seemed each sight

Unmatched was my delight

A hint of anticipation on my face

Where smile has left a slight trace

In those sixty hours, we were together

I loved, I lived and I felt better

Holding hands and sitting close

Heart was getting its ample dose

Your lips brushed on the back of my palm

Everything for a moment became so calm

I could hear my own heart pounding

Oblivious of its entire surrounding

In those sixty hours, love was redeemed

Happy I was and my face beamed

I relish your laughter I relish your embrace

I will always remember the lovely smile on your face

We wanted to talk, but initially could not

Time was very less and to say there was lot

Without saying anything you held me so tight

And suddenly everything seemed very much all right

In those sixty hours, dawned a new phase

Captive for so long, the bird was out of cage

It flew to new heights and explored new realms

Reality was slowly converging with dreams

Some complaints and conflicts were also in queue

With so much delight, now some tears were due

You came in those sixty hours and also were gone

But left me enough memories to cherish alone

After those sixty hours when I am not with you

I dream I remember and dear! I miss you

Having known for long the pain of separation

Not letting you go was a strong temptation

But the undeserved and undying faith that you have on me

Prevents me every time from being what seemed my destiny

So I will never stop you when you don’t want to stay

You love me and I love you, that is enough anyway.


  1. So I will never stop you when you don’t want to stay

    You love me and I love you, that is enough anyway....
    astonishing..... :)

  2. pankh! i thought u will ignore my english posts. thx again.

  3. i prefer hindi over engish but ur really a gr8 writer to socha inhe bhi pad hi liya jaye.... aur accha hi hua pad liye.. warna ek jhakas poem padne ka mauka chut jata..