Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My words my vow...

My words -my vow, my life is so

Try as much you wish but

You can’t let it go

In the end what matters

Is not who got what

Nor feelings of mine

That I had long ago,

What matters really is

You felt them also

My words -my vow…..

I tried - I failed, in my first hello!

Rehearsed a lot in mind

But outcome – zero

So close she was, my lips quivered

Staring at her, my thoughts flickered

A twitch in my heart when

She held my gaze

Briefly & then turned & went away

Leaving a trail that forever

I was to follow

My words -my vow……

I sang – they laughed, in my first solo

Anticipated an applause but

Pride - I had to swallow

So funny could be - a sincere effort

A boy of nine could never ever know

No feedback no words

Only sound of chuckles

Laughter could hurt so deep, so bad

From that day onwards, I do know

My words -my vow……

I laughed - I played, and fought with pillow

Family n friends always for me

Moment of joy be it or a period of sorrow

They stood by me throughout the journey so long

But somewhere in between I missed the song

Angered I was when could not see them

But blinded I was & thought they were to blame

Now I see and realize what course life went

Repetition of that I will never allow

My words -my vow……

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