Monday, May 24, 2010

Next time ?

This time, if not possible

Next time, is there a chance?

Paired with others now though

Together someday shall we dance?

Barriers between us - so many

Family, society, culture & custom

Always thought these won’t matter

However, those we couldn’t overcome

Whether the barriers will vanish

Or multiply many times - I can’t say

Situation favourable or not

Next time I’ll be with you anyway

This time, you are boarding a train

& I came to wish you goodbye

Traveling you are all alone

Destiny is calling & you’ve got to try

Next time, when I come to station

I hope to be at the point it ends

Where you finish your solo travel

And our journey together begins

These are only my thoughts & wish

I haven’t asked what you desire

Arrogance is it, wishing for both of us

Or just desperation to acquire

To acquire an elusive treasure

Which I kept on searching all alone

Or is it actually a deep-rooted fear

Of next time also finding you gone

Foolishly optimist humans are

But that only helps them to bear

The worst nightmares coming true

And the loss of things so dear

When unbearable becomes the pain

All effort to mend it goes in vain

Then we console our innocent heart

Next time things will be right again

I do wonder sometimes whether

Is there a thing such as “next time”?

All the foolish hopes of happy days

Are they even worth a single dime?

I don’t believe there is a next time

What we have got is “now”

The present is our only chance

Try to make most of it somehow

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