Tuesday, May 11, 2010

O life...

O life! For once talk to me

I am looking for some answers

Members of my family, hordes of my friends

Revered my teachers – so quite & solemn

I tried to ask everyone

What makes us what we are?

Everyone said something

But nobody was very clear

Whatever little they uttered

Hardly made any sense

It lacked precision and clarity

And it lacked coherence

My friends said “Are you mad?”

Right now all such thoughts are bad

This is the time to enjoy, chill and relax

Very soon you will be worrying

About job, bills, rent, loans & tax

This is the time to worry about your looks

Work out for your muscles

& Take leave of your books

Watch movies, play poker & hunt for a date

Such philosophy is not good for you mate!

Ephemeral is youth & too short is life

Take all the bites and relish

While you still have an appetite.

My family did not allow at all

Any such frivolous discussion

Study & career they said

Must be your only mission

Take care of your grades

& Read all the books on the shelf

Get through a good college &

Life will take care of itself

You need to be responsible

Every eye is on you

Competition out there is immense

& Opportunities too few

Kill your desires forget all dreams

Suppress your heart

As much though it screams

Obey us until we are paying your bills

Once you become self-reliant

You will be free & interference will be nil

My teachers were never open to such discussion

Unquestioned obedience they wanted

& Did not appreciate any deviation

Discuss we can only if it is in the syllabus

Anything out of that they said

Hardly serves any purpose

Classroom hours are so less

& Curriculum so vast

Hardly we can do justice

When we have to teach that fast

And if that was not enough

Fate sent us a student like you

Not satisfied by syllabus & asking

Things such radical and new

The things you want to know

Are beyond the scope of class

Don’t dwell on these thoughts too much

My dear! You also need to pass

Every one told me whatever they felt

Answers to my question though, I did never get

I followed what they told me

And I did what they asked

The question somehow lingered

Somewhere deep inside

The target that was set for me

Is now acquired and achieved

My family friends & teachers

Are now very much relieved

But the quest to search deep never died

I wonder how long the answers could hide

So life! I ask you to come and reply

Fulfill my quest that others could not satisfy

What makes me what I am?

I need this to know

However “hard to get” you my play

I will never let it go.


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  2. yaar... kya kahu... im speechless.... ise pad kar aisa laga jaise ki this is exactly what is happening with me.. and yaa.. to get the ans of "What makes me what I am?" start reading geeta and upnishadas...