Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summers in 2010

First year over, three terms gone

Summers time suddenly has come

Two months of real life exposure

Far away from the academic torture

Relief from the campus in wild

Lots of fun & workload mild

Three things to look for in a company

Brand, Profile & Stipend

My company did not have any

& My sorrow knew no end

The game is over, my chance gone

Sulking there I was all alone

Why me & always me – cursing the fate

Trying to act normal I entered the gate

The office & residence at the same place!

It was really hard to keep a straight face

No AC, no coolers, only ceiling fan!

Trust me I was trying as hard as I can

Introduction, pleasantries & some gyan

First day was for just discussions of plan

I also got title for my so-called project

Took it silently, while my heart did object

In the name of marketing, I was making cold calls

So much for learning & claims such tall

Within a week, the whole thing was clear

If you wanna survive, then learn to bear

Life is full of things – good and bad

No point in sulking & feeling sad

Things will change for you some day

When for you everything will make the way

Then I decided to just chill & relax

Not always one can afford to be lax

Enjoy the freedom & explore new place

After this leisure, life is going to be a race

If you look for some positives, the same you will find

To learn anywhere is sign of a keen mind

Then I decided to count my other gains

Ignoring for a while all professional pains

Here I have made some friends new

Such a gem as heart I have seen few

So much enriching was the personal experience

Professional sorrows stopped making any sense

I want to thank everyone & with Prakash I start

Naïve & sweet usually but sometimes a little tart

Deepak my roommate loves by heart music & dance

Carefree attitude always & songs put him into a trance

A wonderful person like Deepthi is really hard to find

Very caring & co-operative, sting operation in her mind

Richa was the first face I saw and a pretty one no doubt

Mostly happy but a little anxious & ready to help you out

Sanjeevani is the “chutki” with innocent and smiling face

Always laughing & looking forward, bearing troubles with grace

The workaholic enigma- Kanchan is an observer silent & keen

Bottled up is a lot inside, nicely hides what she has been

The bride to be & my full time adversary- its Shruti

Who taught me sign language for Thumbs Up & Frooti

Memories we have a lot to treasure and to cherish

Kritarth, Minj, Pradeep Sir & the new groom Manish

Everyone else in the office who are senior & mature

Pardon me since I was unable to know you more

The chat over coffee with Amit Sir and lake as a view

Some insights into life & sharing experiences old & new

The lectures of senior Raje and the words of Mr. kulkarni

Personality of such types, you won’t find many

Patil madam – a contented mother & very proud

Apte Sir is always working – I can cry out loud

So much to experience & still more to feel

Fulfilled I was from head to heel

Nothing matters a lot in the long run

So stop worrying and just have fun

If the aim you have is visible and clear

Then you will anyways reach it dear.

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