Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thoughts of a patriot

When the wheel of fortune will turn

And the testing time arrive

Destiny will offer the chance

Where only the best can survive

By the strength of their will

& Undying trust on their path

Will I have courage that day?

To plunge into the blood bath

The day my country will call

When sovereignty is at stake

To restore the peace and order

Sacrifice each of us has to make

Soldiers will fight the enemy outside

Visible, deadly and without a face

But families will fight the heart within

To let beloved be lost without a trace

My mother might not let me go

& Sister may try to block the way

My love will remind me the vows

Of being together night and day

Brother will just hug me tight

& Papa will give a silent tearful stare

Without any voice, a deafening plea

But chance to serve motherland is rare.

Don’t doubt their intentions motherland!

For they love me too much

Given a chance they too, will die for you

Without giving any thought as such

Who taught to me to love you above all?

If it were not my mom and dad

Proud they feel for their patriotic blood

Only a thought of loss makes them sad

Even if I decide otherwise

Hardly anything is to gain

Only loss is what I can see

All my treasures lost in vain

My love will see - a coward

& So will family and friends

A traitor- they will say among us

Deeper can be no shame

Could I won heart of the maiden

If not for my loyalty and valour

Can anyone ever feel for a coward?

Unfathomed love with so much fervour

& The reason my siblings look up to me is

My courage, my loyalty & my integrity

So I forsake ordinary life of comfort

And chose martyr’s glory for eternity

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