Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Old Man & The Priest

Everyone was gathered in the moment of great loss
Always there she was & suddenly vanished right across
Family, friends and neighbours – all present to mourn
Silent was the old man while the priest did sermon

For so long we were together & now you are gone
So acute a loneliness I have never known
You could’ve stayed a little longer, or taken me along
The old man was wondering - did he do something wrong

Life is ephemeral; let the peace be with her soul
Don’t mourn since from heaven, she is watching you all
In the company of God her soul will be just fine
Cursed is the life – priest said – while she joins the divine

God is lucky because now he is under her care
No wonder life is cursed when she is no more here
I don’t need philosophy O’ priest- said the old man
Leave me alone in my grief and recover if I can

In the arms of the God is peace, the priest has always thought
Religion leads to salvation, which everyone anxiously sought
Always the man of action, the old man never prayed
Has seen and suffered a lot in his life, people around him said

If salvation is with God then I don’t want any of it
The God who watches silently while homes of innocent are lit
What is he doing when there is so much injustice around?
People being killed everywhere & freedom buried in ground

Long back when I was in war, I killed many to survive
To salvage so many lives then, no God did arrive
So far never needed a prayer, why insist at this stage
To a free soul of a man, religion is nothing more than a cage

My religion is my conscience, my promise are my words
I am lion who moves alone not a sheep to move in herds
When the stick of religion is wielded by shepherds known as priest
The human sheep then flock together and are led into the mist

With such thoughts you are doomed fellow – said priest with a sigh
How ignorant to doubt religion & God so reverend so high
To blame God for wrongs in world can never be an excuse
Still God forgives you no matter how much you accuse

Forgiveness is what you always talk of, what else can you do?
You don’t have any other option I have seen you through
Impotent are the human sheep & you preach pride for their shame
Hence forgiveness becomes a virtue & vengeance is to blame

Many sheep you may find in humans, but also there will be a real man
Who never seeks solace in blasphemy & doesn’t believe in divine plan
Religion is for those – said old man - who betray their soul
After their sins casually confess & forget and again repeat it all

Seething with anger - the priest had no words to refute
Never he has heard such arguments & allegations so acute
Human sheep around were confused, silently empathized real men
The old man was silent again while the priest rushed to finish sermon

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