Friday, July 9, 2010

They have got nothing to say ...

When the moon shadows the sun
& Stars are visible in noon
Perplexed wildlife then wonder
How the darkness has returned so soon?

Enlightened & proud we human
Hardly stop to look that way
Solar eclipse- we dismiss lightly
While the confused wildlife calls it a day

But such a difference of perception
Is not only between man and wild
That is why a piece of litter
Captures the fantasy of a child

A benign scolding from the father
Sometimes alienates a boy
The malign tobacco & alcohol
Become the preferred source of joy

When the easier way is preferred
Over the way that is right
When the justice becomes a mistress
Of people with money or might

Blind & deaf become of most men
So words of rest few are lost away
& When they stopped talking others thought
They have got nothing to say.

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