Saturday, March 27, 2010

I think it’s not me !!

Although the name is mine & so are the deeds,

Somewhat difficult it is to explain but I feel it’s not me.

I don’t deny my feelings, I don’t deny my sense,

I don’t deny my surroundings, I don’t deny my existence.

Whatever must be said has been said

Whatever must be done has been done.

Only if I could say a little more

And something more could have been done .

These may sound like a regret

These may sound like a sorrow

But these words don’t capture the gist

May be some new words I need to borrow

Life is defined by the choices we make

We become what we think

With so much in our own hands

We still end up wondering

This is not what I asked for

This is not what I meant

Even though conscious of my every doing

I feel however, it isn’t me.

1 comment:

  1. waiting for such a long time to see this cration from you........

    and must say, i am happy that you deliver the feelings in apt words.

    god bless you and keep posting..